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  • Yen Binh Travel information


    Yen Binh district is in the east gate of the province of Yen Bai , Vietnam .

    Yen Binh Yen Bai

    Yen Binh Yen Bai



    • Eastern borders Doan Hung District, Phu Tho Province .
    • To the west by the city of Yen Bai .
    • Northwest borders with Tran Yen and Van Yen .
    • To the north it borders with Luc Yen .


    • Yen Binh district formerly a region of the country Van Lang then correlated , assign .
    • At Tran Yen Binh is farm animals of Tuyen Quang European . Le modified the European dependent on Government Yen Binh , Tuyen Quang town .
    • Nguyen , a fear of the Government moved to panic House and the European animals into the European Collection of Tuyen Quang .
    • Early 20th century , the Ham Yen, Vinh Tuy and Luc Yen Chau separated from Government Yen Binh, Yen Binh Government only is the land of European Thu. Chau Chau’s collection of Silver also moved from the village of Lower panic.
    • 1945 , Yen Binh Government changed districts of Tuyen Quang .
      Yen Binh

      Yen Binh

    • In July 1956 , the district Yen Binh was merged into the province of Yen Bai .
    • In 1967 , two Han Da, Dai Minh Ha Hoa district, Phu Tho province was transferred to Yen Binh district.
    • In 1981, Yen Binh districts from Waterfall She moved to Phu Thinh.
    • In 1985, founded the town of Yen Binh .
    • In 2008, Van Lang Tran Yen district of Yen Binh district was merged into.


    The district has 26 administrative units directly under, including 2 towns and 24 communes:
    The town of including: Yen Binh Town and Ms. Falls town
    The district has 24 communes: Phu Thinh , Van Lang , Sri Bangkok , Comments An , Finding Ninh , Ai , My Family , Tan Nguyen , Yen Thanh Xuan Long , Phuc An , feel , Vu Linh , Ngoc Chan , Yen Binh , Xuan Lai , Vinh Kien , Bach Ha , Han Da , Mongolia Son Thinh Hung , Xinxiang , Datong , University City

    Changes after Thac Ba Hydropower Plant 

    Previously when hydropower plants Falls She has not built the residents followed the banks of the river flowing creating busy residential area, many people from the plains to settle in here. When Yen Binh district has many natural forests for wood, cork and other forest products rare, people logging cork plays into rafts transported by rivers flowing down. Ancient verses talk about the lives of people on both sides of the river flowing :
    Also groceries Ngoc, Russia
    Out of money, Ms. Falls, waterfall Mr.
    Before Jade Market, Ivory markets where trade goods in Yen Binh formerly famous, now Jade Market is deep Thac Ba , Russia now also gone, Ivory markets traditionally people go Cat Lem market. She is the waterfall where the water flowing down the big rocks that the loggers have to overcome, we have established a shrine near the waterfall to burn incense every time to raft through. Now this temple is no longer available.

    Van Chan People

    Van Chan People

    In 1970, when Ms. Falls hydroelectric plant in operation, a large area under water. Some villages move from the reservoir to the far as Mongolia Son, Cam An, Yen Binh … The people of the lake to become familiar with their new surroundings, they go back on the lake by boat and motor boat, many women and children for boating (nan) by foot. Thac She had very large surface area located in Luc Yen and Yen Binh District 2, many people living near the lake has more fishing. More than a thousand islands on the lake now being planted forest trees mainly acacia, eucalyptus, ditches, and the management of the agency Ms. Falls Forest. Many limestone and white marble is mined and transported by water on Thac Ba. Here it is also the tourism project on the lake.

    The pomelo

    Down the river, with a land line away from the village of Ability Scope Dai Minh (Yen Binh) famous grapefruit tree planting. Previously this land Doan Hung district, Phu Tho province, now in Yen Binh, Yen Bai province. Grapefruit grown in the region for the most delicious and sweet. Today this sweet pomelo has been planted in many places, but the quality is not anywhere as grapefruit The Scope. Grapefruit Daming now on sale at the fork Cat Lem.


    Potential development of the tourist district, besides accommodation industry and agriculture also important: the factories are upgrading and construction as Yen Binh Cement Plant under construction at KM 10 and Factory cement Phu Thinh also been upgraded from the blast furnace to furnace, Ms. Falls hydropower plant Power Corporation investor base 2 in Na Hang, Tuyen Quang province.

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